Pre-Workout Supplements – The Benefits

An Introduction

Preworkout supplements are specifically designed to prepare your body and create an environment within yourself which will maximise your ability to train more intensely than ever before. The idea behind a pre-workout supplement is to cause a stimulation which essentially leads to enhanced energy levels, improved mental focus and even strength levels. They are a relatively new catagory of bodybuilding supplement, and one that has become increasingly popular over the past few years, as more athletes begin to see the benefits of including one in their routine.

Benefits of using a pre-workout formula

There will be days when you get home from work and really don’t feel like heading to the gym to punish your muscles. This is why it is so beneficial to have a pre-workout supplement on hand, to give you both a physical and mental lift when you most need it most. This will help motivate you to get to the gym when you may otherwise not bother. Another great reason for using a pre-workout formula is that your energy levels will improve as your glycogen levels become replenished and your creatine levels within the muscle cell become saturated. This means that you are in the best shape to lift heavy as well as maintain your strength for the duration of your workout.

Another added benefit of using a pre-workout formula to replenish your glycogen levels is that your blood sugar levels will be steady meaning that your overall anabolic activity is maximised and you’ll be primed to burn body fat.

Finally, pre-workout formulas are also able to promote fat loss through a thermogenic effect because more often than not these supplements contain stimulants such as caffeine, guarana, geranium (1 3-dimethylamylamine) and more.

Key ingredients for a pre-workout formula

There are many top ingredients you should look out for in a pre-workout formula. First of all, Caffeine is a very popular ingredient simply because it is able to have a long lasting effect on your energy levels making it a very beneficial ingredient. Secondly, Creatine is a must have ingredient for its ability to significantly increase the production of ATP within your muscle cell which essentially improves your overall endurance and strength levels in the gym. Waxy maize starch is another good ingredient because it is an extremely fast absorbing carbohydrate which replenishes your muscle glycogen levels at break neck speed; however it doesn’t have a negative effect on your blood sugar and insulin levels which is totally unique for a fast digesting carbohydrate. Furthermore, waxy maize starch will enhance the effects of Creatine dramatically as it helps shuttle it into the muscle cell and preventing it from being stuck in the stomach. Finally, beta alanine is a quality ingredient for boosting your energy levels because it is able to promote a high concentration of intramuscular carnosine. This means that not only are your energy levels much improved, but you will also be able to train harder for longer because the onset of muscle fatigue will be prolonged. Beta alanine is also known to work very well alongside Creatine to significantly improve the maximal output of your muscles. There you have a handful of the very best ingredients to look out for within a top quality pre-workout formula.


In conclusion picking the correct pre-workout formula should now be a lot easier for you now you understand the best ingredients to look out for, what they do and why this is beneficial for your training and physical progress. By choosing the right pre-workout formula you can be sure you will enjoy elevated energy and endurance levels as well as strength gains!

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